Can't find C:\I386 ???

So I want to reinstall XP on my other computer. It has one to many viruses and whatnot on it to operate in a manner that doesn't drive me crazy. However, I don't know where my install disk is. So I turned to the internet. And I found this tutorial:

How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup CD/DVD from a Pre-loaded/Preinstalled Windows System (

Only problem is, I can't find the file "C:\I386". It only leads me to assume that it was deleted sometime ago. Is there a way to download the files that are in this file, because searching the internet has lead me nowhere.

All help is appreciated, thank you.


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I noticed this when reading your above link:

''If your PC or laptop came from the major PC vendors like HP, Dell or Acer, chances are that there is an I386 folder at the root of drive C:, unless you've deleted it.''

You'll only really see the above folder if your system came with xp pre-installed, is this so?

Are you asking if it's an OEM or what-not?
If so, yes. It should be there. Which is why I'm asking if there's a place to download these files.


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Try this: Rightclick on command prompt and run as admin. Type:

sfc /scannow

Press enter. The file checker should run though and replace what's missing.. (hopefully)

The I386 folder is only present on installation sources such as CDs or DVDs.
It probably never existed on your computer and certainly not on drive C:

If your computer has a (hidden) restore partition, it may be there, but in XP times very few
computer makers used this. Mostly they just gave you the CD.

I know this is not exactly kosher but you could go Torrents and download an ISO to copy to a CD.
If you have a vaild product key to register it with, nobody's any the wiser.

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