Cant find Mic

I have a toshiba Qosmio > installed windows 7 ultimate and everything has been going great untill I tried using skype again and now it cant find my mic. I went through my system and I cant find my mic... How do I get my system to find my Built-In microphone again?


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If you right click the speaker icon and select recording devices, do you show any microphones in that window? The default mic should have a green check mark.

You can then select it and configure, which might help.

Does you sound work normally otherwise?

Sound works crystal.
checked under recording devices and it says non are installed but i know the hardware there because it was before i installed windows 7


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My most probable response would be you need to fine some additional drivers. If you can find a Win 7 legacy driver for your system you might try that. If all else fails and you cannot get it to work, you might try a Vista driver.

If you open the sound, recording window, and right click, you might try "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices".

Have you tried other type of microphones? I have never used skype, so there may be something with it that needs updating.

ok well no luck with the disabled or disconnected devices.
ill look for a win 7 legacy driver.
Issue with finding the mic driver is because i do not know the name of the mic device.
pretty sure skype isnt the issue either cause the mic wont come up on ventrilo either.

ok i fixed it. I went to toshiba and they had a new sound driver for windows 7 64bit.
installed that and it was discovered.

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