Can't find NAS to set up Backup

Just upgraded to Win 7 Pro. Have an HP desktop on a wired network. Attached to the router via an ethernet cable, is an Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive. The software for the NAS creates six network drives that are mapped to my computer. When I open "Computer" they show up under "Computer" in the left hand pane and are listed under "Network Location" as "Network Drives". When I switch to "Network" in the left hand pane the neither the NAS nor the network drives show.

What I want to do is to backup my computer to the NAS. Neither the NAS nor the drives show when I try to set up the back up.

Hi and welcome to the forums, rawells61. :)

When setting up the backup, did you try to simply browse to My computer available disks, are you NAS disks there when you are asked to select a drive ?

It can be linked to privileges, Computer > Right-Click > Management > Disk Management > make sure you own and have full access to your NAS drives.


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You can go here and either use the phone link or the 1 on 1 chat tool and ask them some questions, perhaps specifically if that particular device supports NTLM v2. Link Removed - Invalid URL If the answer is no then this post may prove to be helpful specifically #4 in that thread Link Removed due to 404 Error. Let us know how you're doing


When trying to set up backup, the NAS disk is not shown, either through My Computer or Network. When I browse Network it displays my desktop, but the only drive available is me is the C: drive, specifically my user folders.

When I look at Disk Managment, the NAS drive is not shown. Nothing on the network is shown, just the two partitions on Disk 0 (the C: drive and the FACTORY IMAGE D: drive).



Thank you for the suggestion, I will contact Iomega. However, with the holidays, I will not have the time untill next week. I will post the result.



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You're welcome and I hope it works out for you. Yes be sure and post back and let us know how you resolved it.

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