Can't find Windows Defender

I recently bought a new laptop with Windows 7, so I am on a learning curve.

I keep utilizing Windows Update, which includes definition updates for Windows Defender.

I would like to do a scan with Windows Defender, but I can't find it. When I click Start/ALL Programs it is not listed. I can find it in Windows Explorer, but I can't find the .exe file to run.

Incidentally, I installed MalwareBytes and I'm using that. But I know that Windows Defender is also running; I just can't find it.

Incidentally, for when I do find it, is this a free version or will they want me to buy it after a trial period?



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I have heavily customised my start programs, but I think, by default, it is in "Accessories"
It is included in windows and is free.
If you install Micrpspft's own antivirus program, Microsoft Security essentials (MSE), which is an updated successor to Defender, it will disable it.

Thanks. Actully, I found it. Not in accessories but it is in Control Panel.

There should be a catalogue command that lists the location of this stuff


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