Windows 7 Can't get 1920x1080


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I installed RC1 from Microsoft's website, and I am trying to run it on my 40" 1080P display. I want to run at 1920x1080, but it is only displaying at 800x600 on my screen. When I choose 1920x1080, my tv is just black with an error message blinking.

I have a HIS Radeon 4760 video card. I think there might not be a driver? Could this be the issue? If so, am I just out of luck or what?
I had the same issue with Vista Beta and RC and RTM with an ATI card. I have the older radeon X700 and i was able to get 1920X1200 in the beta but in the RC I had to use a lower resolution. Windows 7 reelease date is right around the corner and the vendors will be fine tuning their drivers.