Windows 7 Can't get acceptable screen resolution


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May 16, 2009
I just installed Win7 RC as a dual boot with Win XP Pro. I've tried every screen resolution that Win 7 says is available for this monitor but only one gives acceptable colors and that's 640x480 16 bit. With WinXP and this same monitor I use 1024X768 and "highest (32 bit)" color. I can't use the program with the lower resolution because everything is so large that I can't reach necessary buttons. Also, I can't find an option to reduce the icon size and spacing. Can anyone help??
Hi there, can you please post your system specs, what Windows 7 build you have and is it 32bit or 64bit.
Windows 7 Evaluation copy Build 7100
Dell Inspiron
Windows XP Pro SP1 32 bit
Intel Celeron CPU 2.53 GHz
768 MB RAM
Sorry can I have the model number of your Dell Inspiron and the graphics chip if you know it.

Sounds like a driver issue
Loathe is right, definetly a driver issue. Do a search for your onboard graphics and see if they have an updated driver for it.
Sorry this one must have slipped through. I had a look on both Intels and Dell sites and they did have a driver for XP. However there wasnt support of Vista or 7. Looks like you are out of the support range.
You could try Windows update, make sure you have activated Windows 7.
I think you are all right. I need a new driver and neither Dell nor Intel have any reason to update the driver. It's interesting because I can get the high resolution I need but the color and picture quality is just awful. C'est la vie. Thanks all
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