Can't get into Safe Mode


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I've had this problem no matter which version of Windows I've used: I have trouble getting into Safe Mode. Some technicians have told me to tap F8 while the computer is starting. The W7 Help says to hold down the F8 key while starting. I need to get into Safe Mode and have been trying both methods - and nothing is working. I think there is a precise time when you have to hold down the F8 key - but I can't find it and need some guidance. Someone please help!!!

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Can you see F8 on your keyboard?
Check if the key works with something like KeyboardTest (trialware).

If the F8 key works fine, then keep pressing and releasing it non-stop as soon as you start your pc, until the boot options menu appears.

Are there any keyboard options available in your bios?

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I had a DVD in my drive - and removed it. Then tried the F8 option again. This time, it worked. However, I still don't see a list of my hardware when I'm booting. Thank you all for your suggestions...........

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