Can't get into Windows after update

I already reformatted my computer so don't ask me for logs and stuff but that was the only time something bad happened with my computer and I did not have a slightest idea how to solve the problem or what could cause it.

Yesterday I got one Windows Update.. after install the computer said I have to restart.. did that.. but when this message "Don't turn off the computer..." before restart appeared after a minute or two the computer froze but this text remained - mouse pointer - the blue circle - froze, nothing happened for 30 minutes, than I said, c'mon, and restarted manually. Well, not such good idea... the computer restarted, black screen with Windows logo appeared but when it should "switch" to desktop (Welcome...) it restarted.. over and over and over again. Tried repair - "problem can't not be solved automatically" or "no problems found".. tried Safe mode.. the same.. it restarts the second before it should show desktop.. tried every boot option (F8) the result always the same - restart.. tried chkdsk, everything I couldn't even get into Windows. I did not install anything else this day. At all!

I'm not looking for the solution but a hint what could cause this.. I'm a bit afraid it can happen again.

I reinstalled Windows 7 and now everything works fine. But with every Windows update I hold my breath...

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Looks like you tried a lot, but I have a question: have you actually tried system restore ?

No. I turned off system restore.

No. I turned off system restore.
This is most likely why the update is puking... It's trying to create a restore point.
If you re-enable system restore, it will likely complete.

FWIW... If you disable System Restore you should also disable Automatic Updates
because the updater uses System Restore to undo updates gone wrong.

Personally I'm no fan of either. I figure "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"

Ok, but how to enable System Restore if you can't get into Windows, not even Safe mode.


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Hope this helps.

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