cant get my hp pavillion dv4 to connect to the inernet

I use the lap top at my house and have a router and it works fine. When i go to school it says its unable to connect. I have tried to understand and work through this problem from reading other posts still no sucess one i dont have a MAC which i see some of this problem comes from and 2 i dont know how to fix the problem with out being able to uplugg the router at school. As this is not possible. I see tons of other people on campus using laptops i am not sure what to do. If you can please help me and please talk as dumbed down as you can cause I by no means am an expert in this department. Thanks

Is you school router the same as at home? It may require different IPv4/DNS settings for your wireless connection, or it may be blocking your note (school router setup).

Or are you trying to connect to your home router from school, in this case it can't connect because you are physically too far from the router.

Re: cant get my hp pavillion dv4 to connect to the internet

no the schools network shows up... i click connect it says conneceting then does not connect. i dont know the routers or anything that the school uses? its a college the school is huge.. any suggestions?


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Re: cant get my hp pavillion dv4 to connect to the internet

Ask around and see if you can find one of the local computer geeks at the school.
He will probably already know the answer.


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Re: cant get my hp pavillion dv4 to connect to the internet

Not sure if this will work for you but it might be worth a try
first open a command prompt and type
ipconfig /all
Now look for the physical address of your wireless adapter it should contain six hex values seperated by hyphens/dashes.
Copy and paste it into notepad and remove the dashes.
Now type ncpa.cpl into the search box and hit enter
Select then right click your wireless adapter and choose properties
Near the top click the "Configure" button
Select the advanced tab
Now look for something called Physical Address (may say MAC Address, may say Network address, etc)
Select it then in the right column if the radio button that says Not Present is select choose the other and copy and paste the value from notepad (physical address of your wireless adaper without the hyphens)
OK your way back out of there and reboot.
See if that helps.

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