Can't get new Experience Index score

Hi everybody--not sure if the is the right spot, so sorry if this might be better somewhere else.

I went right to the 7001 beta from XP, never had Vista. My original hardware was:

WD 250 G hard drive
Athlon 64 Dual Core 3800 2.01 G
1 G ram
NVidia 8800 GTS with Physx accl.
NVidia Nforce 550 Motherboard.
4.5 experience index. [this was the RAM score]

Since then I've installed the RC, and just popped in another 2G ram last night, which is registering and showing up in the hardware. I tried re-running the experience, but it hangs up with disk performance. I have 60 G free space, have disconnected the external drive, and disabled the virtual drives. Also went back to the default desktop [with the nice "beta" fish, ha ha]. It runs through the tests, but invariably is ending with the message that the test is taking too long and has been cancelled, no ratings are available so thanks and try later. This is the first time running this since putting in the RC.

Any ideas why this is happening?


If you haven't already tested the RAM, see help and support for the Windows Memory Diagnostic. Set it to run at the next Windows startup.

See if your new RAM passes.

The RAM need not be defective to have a problem. Some motherboards require tweaking the RAM timings, voltages, or even frequencies to get reliable operation if you've increased the number of populated slots.

Hope this helps.


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Was this an upgrade or a "clean" install.

You say you only have 60GB left out of 250GB.

Have you checked for a C:\windows.old folder. if so, you can safely delete it.

Are you using the 64-bit or 32-bit edition?

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