Cant get product key to work.


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ok so heres my problem i bought a pc a while ago before win 7 came out and later found out that i qualified for a free upgrade from hp anyway i upgraded back than and had no problems but recently i had to reinstall windows so i did a clean install and now i cant seem to find a product key. (completely forgot to check before a reinstalled) anyway does anyone know what i can do now? thx


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Hello, welcome to Windows 7 Forums :)

Unfortunately, if you don't have the product key written down anywheres, there isn't much you can do.

You could always do a factory reset, then use the Windows 7 Upgrade path again if possible, or contact HP support or Microsoft as they could offer support in re-validating or getting you a new product key.


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windows 7 ultimate to windows 7 premium!![/h]
i forgot the product key on windows premium!! when i upgrade 2 windows 7 ultimate!! i need to back the old version my windows !! pls help me to solve