Windows 7 Can't install games - any games!

I'm running win7, auto updates, latest nvidia drivers, on an amd dual core 32 bit 2.7 processor with 4gb memory.

The machine works perfectly in all respects - except that it won't install any games!

I've tried cod4, cod2, bioshock, crysis warhead, mass effect2...etc. All legitimate copies, bought from shops new.

The same problem every time: installshield starts, then vanishes, leaving just the icon in the system tray. Hovering a mouse over that shows a blank, un-openable window. Task Manager says setup is running - but it never gets anywhere. Scannow shows no system file problems; dxdiag shows no dx problems; the dvd drive works perfectly for everything else.
I'm completely baffled. Can anybody help? Please?!

Hello and welcome.

Try disabling UAC, rebooting and then installing.

If that doesn't go well, uninstall your antivirus, reboot and install MSE to replace it.

Hi - thanks for the response. I've disabled UAC and turned off my AVG - still no luck. Do you think uninstalling the AVG might make more of a difference than just turning it off? I'll try anything - but would rather not have to uninstall something I've paid for :-(

I didn't say to "uninstall" while actually meaning "turn off" instead.

I didn't say to "uninstall" while actually meaning "turn off" instead.
Indeed you didn't. Sadly, uninstalling didn't work. Thanks anyway.

You're welcome. Your pc is in much better shape performance-wise now as a side effect. :)

Make sure the Windows Installer service is set to manual and not disabled. Run this command from an elevated command prompt:

sfc /scannow

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