can't install my W7 64 bit thru HP recovery discs


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As i tried to write the problems from the beginning it may be lengthy. Hope you'll kindly read it

i tried ,perhaps foolishly,to install ubuntu 9 to my Hp notebook with preinstalled Windows 7 in it. Thereon windows failed to start up. it boots perhaps and the logo is desplayed but doesn't proceed. Then ubuntu did work. Then i tried to restore my factory settings using 3 Recovery discs. it seemed ok upto the completion of disc 1(37%) but the disc 2 didn't process.

Error: 0xe0ef000e

My recovery disc is externally helthy but during the creation of them i had encountered certain problems and it spoiled many dvds(prompted to insert higher quality dvd. i used sony company's discs but finally it was done 'successfully'). I don't know if my recovery 2nd disc has any problem. Any way it left my system without any os(even without ubuntu).

I reinstalled ubuntu to set it to work. again i tried with recovery hoping that if the ubuntu partition(which i thoght caused problem) is got rid of i can install windows 7 or at least Xp using some other dvd. but i miserably failed. Wndw 7 displayed error

windows status 0xc000000f
info :windows selection failed becoz a requested device is inaccessible.

I again experimented with XP in vain. only difference this time is XP displyed the error on a more grave blue screen

details: STOP:0x0000007B(0x00000000,oxC0000034,ox00000000,ox00000000)

There on i couldn't install ubuntu either, leaving me O.S_less.

erro 5 input/output error

I made last attempt with windows 98 bootable.used fdisk utility and created (or at leat i believe i did ) c: drive for Dos
And typed command
Format C: /s to copy system files
fdisk /mbr and cleared master boot record.

But i think i could not allocate more than 2 gb for c thogh, to my knowledge, my hard disk has 300 gb space and most of it free

How can i get my factory setting back or W7. i dont mind my files if any at all.
Will a recovery disc solve all probles including partition mbr and other possible errors?

Notebook info: HP G62-121EE
purchased fron UAE

thanks in advance


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