Can't install Win7 - graphics card related?


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First, please bear with me, i'm on my phone. Win7 won't install. The first try went fine until near the end. I got a black screen. I tried to start from every option off F8 on start-up with no luck. The furthest I got was a rejection saying setup was not complete or it went to the black screen. I then made the mistake of powering Off and not Esc. I am now stuck with Windows Error Recovery and any attempt will get me no further then Setup Starting Services and then it reboots. Also, I can't rollback from Recovery to XP because it asks for a password I don't know!

I have a Nvidia GEforce 7300 graphics card. I saw one thread related to this, but can't even try any of the suggestions because I can't get that far.

Help!! Thanks!


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Glad to hear you fixed your problem by yourself! Now when someone has the same problem here, you can help !

Cheers, Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.