Can't install windows 7 with new nvidia geforce 8400 video installed!


Senior Member
I have a PC with 4 hardrives. Three with Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, and for other distros and one that had Windows 7 running on it for 2 1/2 years. It had an on board nvidia 6100 and I upgraded to a nvidia geforce 8400 card, which works well with Debian and the new Ubuntu 12.04. But when I tried to run Windows 7 it hosed the OS! Even after I could see that I had driver problems I reformated the drive and tried to reinstall Win 7 on it and three times it would freeze up in the process. Why would it work well with Linux and not Windows 7?

So I no longer have Windows 7 on any PC. Would I have to reinstall Win 7 on a completely different PC? Or is there a way to install it back on the drive with nvidia 8400?

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