Can't install Windows7 on Sata

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2 hours ago,i wanted to install windows7 on my sata disk ,cause i destroyed my old partition with ubuntu 10.10. So i started to install Windows 7 .However it couldnt be normal.Then i get an error: . A partition on the disk''0''could not be formatted .The error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation .Fault code: 0x80070057.Sorry for my bad English:( i hope you understand my question .Thanks for watching:D
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I will be happy if someone answer and we or he/she can fix this shi* or he/she we have an idea how 2 fix


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Are you still trying to run Linux? A Windows install may not be able to handle an Linux partition. You should be able to use Diskpart from the command prompt to clean the drive then install. Shift+F10 will bring up a command window early in the install attempt (second windows works)and then you can use Diskpart.

All you would need to do is select the disk and the clean the disk. Make sure you are looking at the correct drive.......!

list disk
select disk 0 <--- make sure correct drive from list

After that exit the command prompt and continue the install. If you do have problems, try refreshing the drive on the partitions page to make sure it has been read after the cleaning. This will remove everything on the drive........

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