can't load chat app - win can't verify publisher, blocks s/w

Our big Christmas party is coming up at this site

I'm trying to get on with ie 8.0.7600. I enable popups, approve the active x control and even add the site to my trusted sites and change the "trusted" zone settings to the lowest security possible. When I enter my user name windows pops up an error that says "windows has blocked the s/w because it can't verify the publisher". There are no options to run it anyway. There's a red shield on the error box that looks like windows defender so I turn that off and still the same result.

Any help getting the site to work would be appreciated.
I will D/L & try it with a different browser but it would be nice to know how to handle this situation.

In case it matters:
i7 940 ASUS MB 12G RAM
Win 7 64bit
Kaspersky IS - which has not sent any messages


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A quick "hit" from your link using FireFox shows this:-
View attachment 10002

Hope that's of some help!!

I'll recommend you install another internet browser!

Well, I d/l'd safari & Opera and they both worked. Just thought I might learn something. Looks like firefox either didn't work or needed a Java plug in.

I'm glad your issue was solved.

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