Can't load pages in Explorer

Hello all,
After a clean install of Windows 7 and the latest Explorer, I find I cannot load any pages. None.
What settings do I need to change?
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Your internet provider may be (temporarily) blocking certain domains.

1. Check if your security software is blocking

2. Reset to IE default settings:Start -> inetcpl.cpl ->Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab -> Under Reset Internet Explorer settings -> click Reset twice. Restart IE.

(I take it this file has not been modified in your case, c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)

Thank you for responding, but it's not helping.

First, I disabled my security software (Avira AntiVir) and tried to load a site. No good.

Second, I reset the Explorer settings as you directed and tried to load a site again. Still no good. (Security software was disabled at this time, as well.)

Also, I should add that other computers (running Windows XP and latest Explorer) on the same network CAN access sites.

Any more ideas, please?

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Is Windows Firewall or UAC on ?

Yes, both Windows Firewall and User Account Control are running.

Captain Jack

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Hello !!

Try to reboot the System in "Safe Mode with Networking" and see if that loads the such website. Also i would suggest to reset the Winsock. I'm attaching a batch file download it then extract the winsockfix.bat file then right click and Run as administrator then reboot the system and test it. Also download Malwarebytes and run a complete scan to make sure everything is OK.

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Hope this helps,

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Yes, both Windows Firewall and User Account Control are running.
Windows Firewall may be blocking you on some ports, to see if it does disable it and try


Hello Captain,

Rebooting in Safe Mode with Networking didn't help.
Resetting Winsock didn't help.
Malwarebytes found nothing.

Thanks for your help, though!

Hello cybercore,

I can turn off Windows Firewall in "Home or work (private) network location settings" and "Public network location settings" but canNOT turn off Windows Firewall in Domain network location settings".

When I turn off Windows Firewall in the two settings that I can, it still does not help.

Thank you.

Have you tried to add internet explorer to exceptions :

Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Allow a program through Windows Firewall -> Change settings -> If IE is not on the list, click Add a program exception, navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -> For IE, check both, public and private.

Hi cybercore,

I changed the Firewall setting as you suggested, restarted, and tried again. Still not working.



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Have you altered the security settings at all?
Open tools - Intenet options - Scurity tab. Reset all zones to default level.
Also, have you any third party toolbar? Some can cause this problem.

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Captain Jack

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Hello !!

Check with different browser like Mozilla Firefox and see if that works !!

- Captain


I haven't changed the security settings, and just made sure they're in fact default.

Thank you.

Hi again Captain,

I just downloaded Chrome and tried a couple sites. No luck.

Does this suggest the problem is with my network identity/permissions? Or does this only show that the problem isn't with Explorer but could still be with my local Windows settings?

Thank you.

Captain Jack

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Hello !!

It might be corrupted DNS cache. To clear the DNS cache in Windows7, Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Right-click on it and select 'Run As Administrator'. Type the following and hit enter: ipconfig /flushdns

Download ATF Cleaner Welcome to the Frontpage -

Click "Main" > check 'select all' (except for Prefetch) this first time using it, then click "Empty Selected". Do the same for FireFox or Opera if you use either of those browsers.
Finally go to Control Panel > Internet Options.
On the General tab under "Temporary Internet Files" Click "Delete Files".
Put a check by "Delete Offline Content" and click OK.

If that all fails then possibly some Network setting that is messed up. Try to disable IE from the Programs and Features then remove you Network Drivers completely if you don't have any custom settings in router reset it to defaults then install your Network driver and enable IE and try it.

Hope this helps,

It wasn't the DNS cache.

Work has overtaken me somewhat, so I yet to fiddle with network settings. I'll get back to you when I've tried that.

My thanks to the Captain and cybercore for your continued help,

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