Can't locate vc_red.msi


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I was trying to install a trial application today. During the installation I got an error message that said it couldn't locate "vc_red.msi" and was trying to look for it in the directory "c:\0c3cbe011cf829fa347582798c\" I couldn't locate that folder either.

So, I downloaded the x64 Visual C++ 2008 installer from the MS site. I tried to run the installer, but that also gave me an error message that it couldn't locate "vc_red.msi" in yet another folder with a very long name. This time, it was looking for the folder/file on an external drive.

I have no idea what's going on. Can anyone please help?



You could try the solution from xxx last post.
Finally a solution after hours so thank you. I joined just to reply. I'm not av member of Open Office but this was preventing my Windows Update and with the news on the new ransomware hacks I wanted to make sure my windows was updated.

I had one issue in that your link pointed to the x86 version so I had two versions of C Redist. 2008 installed after downloading, I went through the pages on the download link though and found the x64 download which is what I needed, Anyway, can't post links yet but same as the x86 link from the OO thread with id=2092

Actually just checked and I still have two versions in uninstall programs. The one I downloaded from the 2092 link 9.0.37029 17 and the corrupt version is same without 17 (9.0.37029) at end
I have to figure out how to get rid of the corrupt version plus my installer dialog is in chinese for some reason. I ran malware bytes
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