Can't log in do to shift key sticking virus

I was infected by a virus. It makes the shift key get repeatedly pressed over and over. This happened to me before and I solved it by scanning with MalwareBytes and AVG. When I went to scan with MalwareBytes it needed updating, so I let it. Unluckily for me MalwareBytes thought it would be kind and restart the computer without my consent. Now, due to the virus, I can't login to my account to do anything, even in safe mode. I have no reset disk or anything that can help me get in. Please help.

Do you know what this virus is called? I tried a quick google search and came up empty... Might give us a few more details on how to help you out!


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Would the Onscreen keyboard help? You may have to unplug the other keyboard if it is causing problems, if you can.


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I studied this a bit, and I wouldn't be sure it's a virus. I'd be inclined to believe that it is a mechanical fault = dirt in the keyboard, most likely, or a failure in keyboard structure = keyboard is dying. I suggest you unplug everything, do a thorough cleanup. If it's a desktop, try another keyboard and mouse.

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