Can't mount NTFS volume

I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional Edition. (The real thing, not the beta. I got it off the MSDNAA.) My system is dual booted between Linux and Windows, and I have an NTFS data partition for sharing files between them. But when I try mounting the volume in the Computer Management > Disk Management dialog, windows fails to recognize it as an NTFS partition and refuses to give me any options other than to delete the volume. Using diskpart yields similar results and shows that windows sees the partition, but not the volume.

Any idea why Windows can't see this volume? How can I get the volume mounted and assigned a drive letter?

I'm using a third party program called Ext2Fsd as a workaround to successfully mount the NTFS volume at the moment, but I'd rather ditch that and use the native system instead.

Any suggestions?

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