cant open DVD drives


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suddenly I cannot open my DVD drives. I get an error message that says cant find the path or you do not have permission.
I have googled the problem and tried various fixes to no avail/

they are shown as working ok in device manager.

any advice will be most welcome please


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Hi Pete,
do you have a system restore point you could go back to? Failing that you could try the system file checker to see if all's ok?

Open cmd prompt by right clicking and running as admin. Type:


Press enter. The checker will then run through giving a result when finished.


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Hi guys,
thanks, I have tried SFC and microsoft fix it and registry checker and all kinds of things; then
I found that if I right clicked on the drive icon and clicked on "open", it opened. I then clicked on one of the tracks and it said "reinstall Itunes" which I did and it works.
I had tried another burning program which seemed to have upset the apple cart. I am wondering if I need Itunes now just to keep the CDROMs running. WTF