cant ping other laptop in home network

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    I have just installed the evaluation copy edition 7100 onto an Acer Aspire One.It all went well and almost everything works that i have found so far.
    This where it gets interesting, i have three other computers,
    A. laptop runs vista home premium [toshiba]
    B. pc runs xp pro
    C. pc runs xp64

    The acer laptop will ping and share files with B & C but not A, wirelessly and also has full internet access wirelessly. Under no circumstances will the Acer communicate with the vista laptop. Until i disconnect the wireless and attach LAN cable and then it will ping and share.
    Is it a driver issue, it has the windows default windows 7 drivers or should i look for the one year old XP drivers from Acer. Go me a bit confused at this stage.

    it was a setting on the access point that was stopping these two devices from talking. Realvnc is still a problem but at least i am on the right track with things
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