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Windows 7 Can't print from a Windows XP machine to a networked Windows 7 machine/printer


Senior Member
Mar 5, 2013
I have a Windows XP machine and a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit machine on my network. Attached to the Windows 7 machine is a HP 1050 printer. I have setup network printing and there are no error messages when I print from the XP machine but there is no printer action. When I print from the XP machine I can see that there is a document in the spooler on the Windows 7 machine but the document disappears after a few seconds and the printer doesn't respond. I have uninstalled the networked printer from XP and reinstalled it and I can even print a test page successfully from the XP machine but nothing else will print. What do I need to do here?
Check this post Trouble explains what I had to do to fix mine Link Removed
Thanks Joe, I will give that a try and see if it works.
It worked. You have to install the printer as a local device on the networked computer(s) then select the port that the printer is actually attached to which isn't difficult when the network is setup properly on all machines. I didn't quite get that at first. Thanks!:p
I had 2 XP boxes networked. One went smoothly the other I had to do that. It can be frustrationg. Thanks fot posting back.