Can't re-install windows but can install Ubuntu

I was using windows 7 professional and Ubuntu in my Dell Inspiron 15R laptop.. Recently when i select windows 7 its shows a screen that says windows is loading files.. and then re boot..But i can use Ubuntu.. When i tried to re install Windows it stucked with an error..
But I re installed Ubuntu.. In the first time it also had a problem.. But succeded in the second attempt..
Please Help me..
thanks in advance..

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Joe S

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It's probably something to do with the boot file. I think EasyBoot is something that gets recommended for dual booting problems.


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What type of screen was it the redirected you, a Windows 7 boot menu or GRUB?

When you installed Ubuntu the first time, was it before or after Windows 7 and did you put Grub on the partition or the Master Boot Record?

What do you want you configuration to end up as? Does the Dell still have a Recovery partition?

If you can boot into Linux, use G-Parted to take a picture of the drive partitions and attach using the paperclip.

Actualy it reboot not redirect.. Now the system is in my friends house.. so i didn't see the problem..Dats y i wrongly posted it.. Sorry.. And i will upload the details you mentioned soon..
Installed Ubuntu before windows 7..
And thanks for your interest in helping me..

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