Cant reconnect to internet

So the internet was running slow on my Win 7 laptop, so I did what i usually do, disable and enable the internet to get it running again. Thing is, after I disable, I cant find it again. Everytime I click connect or try to connect to a new connection or reconnect, I get a litte pop up on the bottom right giving me the option to troubleshoot or go to the network place I'm already at. The troubleshooter didnt work, and I cant go anywhere cause Win 7 just keeps making that pop up come up instead of actually letting me do anything. I've restarted the computer and nothing happened. I know my router is working also.


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I'm in the dark here, as I do not wish, obviously, to disconnect to test it.
But if you click the small Internet icon in the notification area, in the window that follows, there should be a remark that says Internet connections are available, or something similar.
Your connection name should be showing. If you click it, there is a further windows with a square connect, or, automatically connect.

Oh well i figured it out. Apparently, when I clicked disconnect, it connected to some realtek version of whatever tis called instead of the other one

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