Can't recover my windows 7 product key.

A while ago i bought windows 7 via the MS store and i decided to wait with installing it. The problem now is, that I'm not able to locate my product key and I was wondering if any of you that knows how to find it so that I'm able to install my windows 7.

PS. I've looked in my order history on my MS store account and it's not listed there.

I hope you'll be able to help me.
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Since it normally comes in an e-mail, do you have anything stored in a special folder and have you checked the trash for a deleted version or another backup or archive?

You do have the download?

Perhaps call Microsoft...

Deleted email and started windows 7 installation

Unfortunately I've deleted the email a while ago because I thought that you were able to find it on you MS store account, but that was not the case. Another issue is, that I've already finished the windows 7 installation on desktop. The only thing missing is my product key, which I just can't seem to get my hands on again.. Suppose I made my own mess, but you must agree with me, that it's pretty stupid that you're you able to find you product key online on your MS store account.

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply and maybe someone else have tried it and knows how I can recover my product key.

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I have not downloaded the OS that way, but perhaps there was a time limit given you missed. Seems to me calling Microsoft might be the best way to get it settled. They will probably need some type of proof of purchase.

Do you still have access to your account?

yes I still have acces to the account, but when i browse under the purchase history it says I havn't bought anything.

At the moment I'm browsing my creditcard withdraws as proof of my purchase and I think that I will call microsoft the first thing tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the advice. I really admire the fact that you take time out of your schedule to help.

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