Can't reinstall Windows 7, freezes every time permanently

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    This morning I had serious freezing issues with Windows 7. Just minutes after booting, it would freeze permanently. My mouse wouldn't even move on the screen, completely frozen.

    Manually shut down. Then it would sometimes freeze at the "Asus" screen and sometimes the computer would turn on but there wouldn't be any output to the monitor.

    I managed to boot and enter in Safe Mode. That didn't freeze. So I tried reinstalling Windows 7, selected Custom Installation, etc. Unpacked the files alright, went about 17% through the second step but had to restart to continue. Shortly after restarting, at about 36%, it froze again. Tried it again, froze in nearly the same spot, 37%. Started again and it tried to recover my old installation, gave me the blue screen of death "Windows stopped to prevent damage."

    Now I'm back in the cycle where it either starts with no video output or starts and freezes in Windows.

    What on earth do I do? I can't even format my HDD through Windows 7. :( I will e-hug anyone who can help.

    (This is a rig I built about two weeks ago.)
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