Cant remove downloaded program files

Hello, we have vista ultimate... it was an upgrade from xp pro.

I cannot delete anything from the "downloaded program files" folder.

When I hightlight one of the objects then click "organize" i see delete there.
I CAN click on it... but it does not delete the object...

I cant remove anything from the "downloaded program files" folder.

Anyone know how I can remove things in there?

Hi there. i just tried deleting something from the downloaded programs folder and same. nothing. I think you must have to somehow uninstall it from control panel or like erase it from the windows files. Sorry, dont really know...:confused:

thanks for checking! hopefully someone else will post the answer here...

Here's how i deleted downloaded program files!

I copied the files name, in my example it was easy as it was a registry key "{EAD33....} for example.
I then opened registry editor and found and deleted all examples of the said active-x object.

But BE CAREFUL that the file you are deleting refers to the object you are searching for.
ALWAYS BACKUP your registry before editing.



Removing Downloaded Program Files on Vista

Don't be silly, by trying to go through the registry to delete these entries, clearing the registry, doesn't actually remove the binaries on the computer.

To remove the "Downloaded Program Files" you should run IE and do the following:
1. Choose the Tools menu
2. Select Manage Add-ons
3. Select 'Enable or Disable Add-ons..'
4. Look for the download program you want to remove, change the selection by going through the drop down list.
5. Once you find that program, highlight it, and on the bottom right section, click 'Delete'

That should be it.

All the best.



but for damaged ones...

but if the program files are damaged it doesnt even show in the manage addons because they havent been used...



Good work

That worked perfectly for me. Thankyou very much



damaged objects cannot be deleted by using the manage addon option in ie



what if the damaged object is malicious?

i suppose microsoft believes a damaged malicious object poses no threat to the operating system, thus does not need to be deleted?

or is it possible that they can still execute malicious code even though they are labeled as damaged?

a new question that now comes to mind is does a damaged object still have some functionality?



bump, need responses


hoping for a answer too



Delete it from the Windows registry. That removed it for me.



I have this problem, too. But I can fix this by delete in registry edit and it work!



thank you. found your fix in less than 10 seconds googling remove downloaded program files objects in vista

OK...I have run Vista Disk Cleanup twice now, after anticipating problems when "Per User Queued Windows Error Reporting Files" showed ridiculous sizes after a complete backup. For instance, the disk recovered showed amounts larger than my disk (237 GB on a 160 GB disk). When I viewed the files to be deleted, they were in the Downloaded Program Files folder in windows.

On easch occasion, the disk clean up destroyed my hard drive and told me that intelide.sys was corrupted. Even after a repair, I had an unstable system with only some of my programs and data.

I used my system disks to boot to recovery and restored the complete system.

But I am confused. The item in the Disk clean up for error reporting files points to the Downloaded Program Files and the contents are damaged and cannot be deleted. I have tried every thing.

Help! Please!



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If I was you, I'd back up what I could and reformat.

Have been having huge problems with this for over a week, ever since I tried to install a new version of Flash player over the existing one!

But after trying EVERYTHING suggested on the Flash help pages, I've now sorted it - no thanks to those pages however!

Basically to remove these damaged files from the registry you need to go into the regostry, onto the edit tab and click 'find'. Then key in the whole of the filename you're looking for, making sure it's correct. It's long I know, but this does work. Make sure you select the C: prompt on the registry otherwise you may leave some entries in.

Once it's found one, delete it and then press F3 which will find the next entry of the same name. When it finds it check it's right and delete .... carry on til it reaches the end of the registry, and then click refresh on the downloaded program files page - entries will have gone!

Have also sorted out my Flash problem .. so am feeling :D

yes i got answer from you, thanks



thanks that worked for me

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