cant restart problem

windows 7 is installed on a hp7700 machine...and works fine, but if i try RESTART it wont boot???
If i use shut down it goes down and stays off as it should, and if i power it on again it boots up and everything works.
The only problem is when i try to goes down but somehow loses boot partition or something like that. It looks like he cant find boot disk, or mbr guessing. And again if i shut it down, or power off and power on it boots fine.
I've used XP and even ubuntu and they work fine. everything seems to be ok. Any ideas?


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I'm just taking a wild stab here,. but Start your computer and hit the F8 key until you see the boot options,. choose Safe Mode,. then restart

I've got the same problem as him. Exactly the same.. weird.. i'll do now the safe mode thingy and i'll reply here..

Well i did what you said, but it was the same. It's something weird... really weird...


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Are you getting an actual message about bootmgr or some such thing?

Have you or are you using a dual boot situation?

Have you tried changing the SATA cables around?

Does it make any difference if you have a bootable DVD in your drive?

Are you using any external devices which you leave plugged in, like a flash drive?

NO no messages.. It just ends after I press restart with a blinking stripe at left hand side above in the screen.
Changed allready SATA cables.

When I do hibernate "when he should save settings and power off" It allso can't return from that.
With other words. My pc can only reboot when He has been powered off.

Actually Im having the same problem ..

When I restart windows my hard drives wont boot. I have to add that in the AHCI config screen i can see all of my HD drives throwing me s.m.a.r.t error.

what could this be?

AHCI driver date, according the config utility is from 2007, very old indeed but i havent found anything newer in amds driver page.

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I have same problem, won't restart, hangs Win 7 load screen, about halfway. If I shutdown, then start, all is fine although once control panel would not display devices.

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