Cant Restore Folders/Files In External Hardrive to New Windows 7

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    Restore Folders/Files From External Hard Drive to New Windows 7

    I am trying to switch over my sister computer from Vista to windows 7.
    I used a Western digital 1 TB external hard drive Drive (G: and ran the windows Vista back-up from her account *not the hidden administrator account but I don’t think that matters* when I ran the backup I saw that all 50 Gigs of memory were backed up to the external hard drive (G: . I then loaded windows 7. Which loaded properly.
    I then ran a new back-up onto the G: drive for windows 7 just to have the operating system on there.

    I have a couple problems now. 1: windows 7 didn’t automatically load any of her files from her C:

    And 2: I can't restore files from the vista back up to windows 7.
    Theyre all on the external hard drive but theyre in a .Vhd folder (I think thats the dot file name) -- I cant seem to get to them. Or run a restore, what is going on, how do I restore her files to run on windows 7
    Thanks for the Help!!!:)
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