Can't run files with long path name??

I had a setup of Lineage 2 Interlude on this path
C:\Users\ExTaCy1337\Desktop\Folder\FORMAT\Format\ExTaCy1337\Lineage II Installers\LineageII_interlude_client\

And I was running the setup and nothing was happening...
when I movied LineageII_interlude_client
to C:\...
like C:\LineageII_interlude_client\

It worked perfect... Why?
and I had some music

C:\Users\ExTaCy1337\Desktop\Folder\f0rm4t11\Downloads\Summer Hits Collection\

and all the music there I couldn't move them into Virtual DJ ...
So I had to put them

on ExTaCy1337 (C:\Users\ExTaCy1337) which is not that big and then they worked...
Why's that happening? :\


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Hello and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.
Sorry, I'm not sure I understand your problem, could you describe it a little better? Thanks! :)


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Your path does not seem to be correct.

Files with a big path like this

C:\Users\ExTaCy1337\Desktop\Folder\FORMAT\Format\ExTaCy1337\Lineage II Installers\LineageII_interlude_client\setup.exe

Doesn't run....
I tried everything to get it run but nothing worked...
when I moved the folder to C:\ it run!!

Files with a path like this



Your path does not seem to be correct.
Why you say that?


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Cheers to "nabucco" for the post! Some rep for you.
Unfortunately, I don't think it can be tweaked.

You can use Long Path Tool as well, it works good!

I agree with aliceten. Long Path Tool is an excellent solution to such a problem.

try Long Path Tool..

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