Can't run programs/ Can't access files - UAC big bug

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    There is a BIG bug in UAC password prompts and "Run as Administrator"!!!

    Accessing files/folders

    Well, first problem is accessing other users' files/folders!
    Until recently I had only one Administrator User, but I created a Standard User for safer daily use.

    I have all my documents in the Administrator User, I don't want to transfer them, I only want to be able to access them through my Standard User. So I navigate to "Users" folder (C:\Users) and double click on my Administrator User folder, and now I am inside my Administrator folder, where there are "Documents", "Pictures", "My Others", "AppData"..
    Okay, I double click on a folder and click "Continue" on the window that says "you don't currently have permission..."
    Now a window asking for the Admin's password opens, I enter the password and click "Yes".

    I DON'T KNOW WHY, but instead of entering the folder, all I get is the address bar which is being filled up with green(you know, like the green progress bar when you do a search)

    BUT, the problem is that it stays like this forever! it reaches the end but still nothing happens.

    Administrator privileges

    This problem actually includes any operation that requires Administrator privileges - running programs, updates and so on.
    To obtain Administrator privileges to Standard Users, you have to enter an admin password.
    The only problem is that when I enter an admin password nothing happens!

    A few examples:
    1. running Task Manager: I click on "Show processes from all users" and enter the password, of course there comes a PROBLEM! Task Manager is stuck, YAY!
    2.running EXEs as Administrator: Right clicking on the EXE, choosing "Run as Administrator", entering the password.
    No, it does not work. The explorer.exe just gets stuck and the program does not open...

    *please, I don't want to re-install!
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