Cant Save Windows Services Settings

Hi, Ive been having a problem with my services program. My laptop (vaio) has been having problems with the hot-keys and I found out the problem was that the Vaio Event Service doesnt start when I turn it on so i turn the service on and set the service to start automatically at start-up.

This is where my problem is; the changes i make don't save, the service goes off at restart and turns back to manual start again so i have to restart the service over again and i have had to do it several times already. how do i make sure that my services settings are saved? Under file > Option for disk clean-up, the file to delete stays at 0 bytes and i cant find a way to create a save file.


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If you open the services panel (services.msc), does that service show and can you set it using the properties option from a right click menu?

What does the service depend on, and are they set to start automatically?

You might try setting the service to a Automatic (Delayed) start in case something it depends on has not yet started.

Have you done anything in msconfig.exe to not allow it to start up during boot? You might check that anyway to see if the service is listed and checked.

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