Windows 7 Can't see anything in the My Computer window.


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When I open the Computer window to try to see my drives nothing shows up. I can navigate to them by right clicking on my computer under devices and going to browse files, so I know nothings wrong with the drives themselves, but I can't view anything inside the Computer window. It is just a blank window with the navigation side bar on it. Any ideas?
That's an odd one for sure.. ;) I've heard of this happening but have never encountered it personally.. I'd suggest running a virus scan and a spyware/adware scan just to make sure your pc is 'clean'.. :) If those don't reveal anything than you might have to reinstall Win 7... ;)

Did this just start happening or did it start after you installed or removed something?
It just happened when i upgraded. It is weird. I clean my computer regularly so i don't think anything as far as viruses or anything is causing it. Its weird cause i can see everything is still there, i can use search to bring up the drive by typing in the drive number, but i can't see any icons when i bring up the computer window. Kind of annoying for trying to access thumb drives and such. I think i might wait a little longer to see if there is anything else to do before i try to reinstall it since everything else is working perfectly fine. thanks for the input though.
same problem

i installed windows 7 on 6-13-09, and it has worked great up until about 1 week ago. i have the same problem with clicking my computer and seeing no drives. i originaly thought it was my hard drive. but i replaced it with a brand new 250 gig sata drive. guess thats one of the bugs they will have to fix. glad im not the only one with the problem lol.