can't see NAS in Windows Explorer


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This was working just fine, I could see and access NAS via WE on all computers.
Something changed WE
on desktop - open NETWORK - can see laptop & desktop computers on network it also shows DT & NAS Media Devices BUT not NAS as computer (storage drive).
I can access everything on laptop and NAS Media drive.

on laptop - open NETWORK - can only see laptop & Media Devices (DT & NAS)
expand NETWORK in left pane and can see desktop & laptop computers in left pane - no NAS - desktop still does not show in rt pane
clk on desktop in left pane and I can see & access everything on DT in rt pane.

open NAS in Browser and can see & access both Media Drive and Storage drive.

W7 x64 ultimate - all updates - both systems
rebooted everything

any ideas why DT & LT are different and I can't see NAS computer any more??????????


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Something you might try is to Open the Network and Sharing Center on both computers.

Upper right it has "see full map" option. When the map has been drawn, you can hover the mouse and see IP addresses. There may be some devices shown on the bottom and say they cannot be placed on the map. If you show your NAS there, I will try to find out why those devices do not show on the primary map.

Also, a basic description of your network setup might help as far as what is hardwired or wireless. Does the NAS have more than one IP address?


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thx saltgrass

all devices on the network show as discovered (now) but can't be placed on the map.
At this point all devices are now showing in WE.

Why does it sometimes take a VERY long time for some of them to appear????????????

the NAS only has one IP address and is wired direct to router as is the DT. the LT is wireless.


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Usually when it takes a long time for some device to show up, the system is trying to evaluate it is some way. Maybe trying to index, or scan or work out a TCP/IP situation, or probably others.

Since it is a NAS, does it have its own software to make it available to the network?


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yes, it is a Synology.
i read someplace that delayed situation might be caused by 2 computers on the network trying to keep a list of who is there.
but at the time only one was running.
It appears to work fine right now, but I'm sure that will change. Drives me crazy.

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