Can't Select Program to Open File With & Battery Indicator Question

Hi - In Windows Explorer, I am trying to select a program to open a file with. I right click and then select "Open With", then select the program's .exe file. However, when I click open, the program I selected doesn't show up in the "Other Programs" list. Also, once I do get it to show up in the "Other Programs" list, will the program automatically show up when I right click and select "Open With"? It does on my other computer. I am trying to open a photo in Photoshop Elements (as a shortcut) and would like the program to show up when I right click as well as show as an option for a program to open the jpeg with from Windows Photo Viewer (as it does on my other computer that is also running Windows 7). Also, I was wondering if there are any Windows settings to change to get the battery indicator on my HP G series laptop to show the estimated time remaining (instead of just the percent amount). Thanks for the help

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