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I was using the prerelease of Windows 7 and setup my ftp server just fine using a tutorial just like this one but not exactly FTP Server - Set Up on Your Computer - Windows 7 Forums It was a trial version of Serv-U that has expired. After that I just upgraded to the retail version of Windows 7 and got a coperate version of Serv-u version Now I just can not remember how I set up my FTP server before. When I type my IP address into Internet Explorer I get no results. I think I turned off my windows firewall but the firewall in Windows 7 looks more confusing. I see it says its turned off but I also see Domain, Private and Public categories that say the firewall is on.

So I need some help setting up a FTP server from scratch. I think just up to I can get a result from putting in my IP address in Internet Explorer.


I wonder why Serv-u can't make the necessary firewall changes at setup ... uTorrent does.

What Im wondering is how can I check if my FTP site is accepting connections before I setup Serv-U. I setup a DNS but dont know if my computer is accepting connections. Even with the firewall off I dont know.

You can just use windows explorer to transfer files to and from an ftp site .. that you have a login name and password for. That would check it.

But we need to back up a bit. Since I installed Windows 7 it seems like it reset some of my network configurations. What do I need to check to make sure I can setup a FTP server?

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Crap.. sorry I was watching football and thought you were trying to CONNECT to an ftp server. I'm not very good at fixing upgrade problems.... except to recommend a clean install. You know it must be getting blocked by a firewall.

This was just published a few days ago.... it's probably got the answers you need:
Easy FTP server software for businesses – ServU

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