Can't start my notebook

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    Hello everybody. I am new here and moreover, I am not a native speaker so I would like to apologize for my grammar mistakes in advance.
    The problem I am facing right now is that I can't start my notebook, all that I get after powering it on is a white screen. The fan starts to work too, but there are no signs that the notebook is reading anything from the HDD. I've been using Windows 7 Ultimate x32 for a few months without any problems, and I did no changes in the hardware. I tried to put the booting DVD into the DVD-ROM, it started to spin but again, nothing happened. Also, I tried to connect the notebook to a LCD monitor, but with no response. It was connected, but received no signals from the notebook.
    So I am not able to do anything with it and I need to make it work ASAP because of the University I'm studying at.
    Thank you for any ideas and advices how to fix my notebook.

    PC specifications:
    Asus A7t
    AMD Turion X2
    nVidia GO 7600 256MB
    2GB ram
    latest nVidia drivers

    Thank you again.
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    There is not a lot you can do when there appears to be a hardware fault on a notebook but:

    If you are just using from the battery try connecting to the mains power supply.

    If you have more than one stick of memory than try removing each one in turn in case there is a memory fault.

    Try pressing F2 during startup to see if you get any response from the bios.

    Try accessing the hard drive to make sure that it is pushed well on to the connectors (you will need to remove a cover and a few screws to do this but it is not difficult).

    If there is no beep sound at all coming from the notebook on startup then the Power On Startup Test (POST) failure suggests there is a serious problem and you need to return to retailer.

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