can't start windows 7 dvd maker

when trying to burn a movie dvd I get an error prompt that reads "Can,t start win 7 dvd maker because the vidio card doesn,t meet the minimum sys required (directx9 or higher and WDDM drivers. I was hopeng that the WARP feature in win 7 enterprise would take over but it doesn't.
Does it have to be enables in some way? how?
Should I disable the onboard vidio adaptor (standard trpe) in the hardware mgr?
have found no solution on the net and do have up to date firmware.

what's up??

buy a $50 card? (i'm broke!)


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This message is simply stating your video card doesn't support the minimum system requirements to run DVD maker.
Is this an older computer? Chances are drivers have been discontinued for that video card product line.

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