Cant switch laptop screen off...

I have problem- I cant switch off monitor after any inactivity period...
Also, I have small little program TurnOfMonitor to force that action. It works on every OS till now...
Any help- which process is running monitor all time on...


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Could you amplify you problem?
Do you mean that, although you have set an off time in the power options, it still does not go off?

Yes, I mean that...
Even when I force switch off screen, it switches off on one second and then goes back... Something is powering on it permanently..


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I think you should look in the advanced settings in the power options first. Maybe you have something in there which is not allowing the computer to sleep.Another suspect is the network adapters.
Open the DEvice manager and right click your network adapter. Then click Properties and go along to the Power management tab. Untick "Allow this device to wake the computer"

Thanks for trying help - I have performed both actions you suggest, no result... Something is permanently and immediately backs screen on...

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