Can't uninstall a program

This is a bit of a long story I'm trying to fix.

First... when the old xp program installs from disk onto my windows 7 64 bit computer. It installs like it should in the 32 bit "program x86" folder. And the program works no problem.

The problem is that the update installed into the 64 bit "programs" folder.

When I tried to reinstall the update into the 32 bit folder I got an error from winzip saying it couldn't install.

I thought I would try to uninstall everything and thats when the problems got worse.

I found the application listed in "uninstall programs". Uninstall seemed to work normal, computer restarted uneventful. But BOTH programs are still there. One in the x86 program folder and one in the 64 bit folder and the program is no longer listed in the "uninstall program menu. I have already (right click/delete) deleted the 64 bit version... probably shouldn't have done that but I left the 32 bit version.

I'd like to know what is the best thing to do? Just delete the 32 bit version too? Will I need to check the registry? and is there anything else I should be looking for?

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