Can't uninstall programs.. wants to uninstall something else

Im wanting to uninstall some programs on my computer, (windows 7)
these programs are mods i use for some games i play. There are two different mods i use on a pc game.
A mod called "Stainless Steel", and another called "The Third Age".

Now the problem is that when im wanting to uninstall The Third Age mod, but whenever i try to it comes up asking if i want to remove the Stainless Steel, which is not the mod im wanting to uninstall.
Ive tried since to uninstall other programs and every time it says do i want to uninstall the Stainless Steel mod. I have at one point selected to uninstall the stainless steel mod, hoping it would solve the problem, but infact it simply didn't make any attempt to uninstall the Stainless Steel mod.

sorry if i seemed bit too wordy, asking questions on forums is nothing im too used to.

any help would be grateful, thank you

I know of some who have had this problem with Total War. The SS uninstaller seems to garble things up sometimes. It's recommended to use some 3rd party uninstaller, e.g. "Total Uninstall", "Uninstall Manager", "Uninstall Plus", "Ashampoo Magical UnInstall" or some other uninstaller (these are to be found at and other such sites)...along with some registry cleaner, to clean out Total War and all the mods.

thanks very much, i'll give it a go!

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