cant use aero and [code 43] for card Geforce Go 7300

I'm using Dell Inspiron E1505/6400 which uses Geforce Go 7300. Dont know why but after I installed Windows 7 RTM, Aero is not available. I got a problem with the screen resolution as well.
I checked Device Manager and i saw this result :
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I tried to reinstall the driver but it didnt work. I already tried the 186.91 but it says something like it's not compatible with the driver/hardware. anyone knows how I can solve this prob ? =.= thks for the help ...

anyhelp ? plz ...


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You can try these Link Removed due to 404 Error


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Dell now provides customers with Windows 7 drivers.

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Click on Windows 7


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Sometimes Dell Drivers are garbage though. I try to use Nvidia whenever possible. The Vista ones are available on Nvidia's site and they might work.

but yes,, I would also check Dell's.


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You could try this:

Go to Start > Help and Support and type in fix aero

You'll come up with an entry to fix and diagnose your graphic card is good enough to support it

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@tepid : i tried it before but it didnt work
@reghakr : there is no Windows 7 driver for my card. i was trying to download a Win Vista 32bit driver but i have to recover the system because it doesnt compatible.
Does my card break down or its about physical problem ?


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Did you remove othe old Nvidia drivers from Programs and Features?

i uninstalled the old driver by using Device manager. Restart the computer and reinstall the recommend driver but it didnt work.
there are some stripes which appear in the boot menu.
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Google Aero Hack

sorry but i think i got a problem with my graphic card. its not just about aero effect. now only use the resolution 1280x1024, cant play video games and that piss me off.

Generaly, lines on a screen indicate a bad Video Card, Cable, Plug (pin or something), or bad monitor.

Rarely is it a result of bad drivers,,, I would test it on another system if you can,, or try reinstalling the drivers again, or maybe an older version driver.

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