Can't use computer after trying EasyBCD!!!

Mikkel Holst

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Hello people!
Today i tried to install Mac OS X with EasyBCD, when i rebooted my PC said that there was a chain error.
I could only choose Mac OS from the menu.
Now iv'ed tried Gparted, ubuntu reinstall of windows. Everything says error!!
What to do?
i get an software change error when trying to reinstall windows.
I am on Lenovo s10e.
I chose the D partition as boot, but my windows 7 is on C?
Is there a way to change this throw the boot? I can't with gparted og ubuntu, so it has to be another way. Also i press the factory reset button but nothing happens. Also tried to press f8 when booting.
Well, it my computer for school, so i need it to work.
I am also open for the option to format my whole harddisk, if its possible throw boot, please help!
I have a 3,7GB sdcard for use, as boot throw USB.


(sorry if my english fails)


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If you have a Win DVD you could try repair from there. You may have to run it up to 3 times to fully resolve the problem

Mikkel Holst

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First of all, it is a MINI PC, so I can't read CD/Dvd.
I had, a Win install on my SD card, but when I ran it, it said something, about a software change, so I couldn't access the windows install menu.

2sec, i'll find a link.....

Same situation I have when trying to install windows again:
Computer unable to boot at all from anything (error code 00xc0000225) - Windows 7 Forums

if i try to install ubuntu, gparted or even WinXP, it says: "Not system Hard disk, press any button to restart"

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if i try to install ubuntu, gparted or even WinXP, it says: "Not system Hard disk, press any button to restart"
Sounds like a message you might get if you had the hard drive set as first boot priority in the bios..

Do you remember seeing anything about UEFI..? If you did not, don't worry about it.

Sometimes it is hard to determine fact from fiction on the net, but I keep seeing comments about the drive being dynamic. Maybe the attempted install caused that. But you still should be able to boot to your bootable Windows 7 Flash drive, if the bios is set up right.

Otherwise, not really sure what might be going on.


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Don't know how that happened?


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I never was crazy about EasyBCD, seemed to complicate my system more than anything. Note that my dual boots of Windows are in order (XP, Vista & 7), Ubuntu afterwards. There's no need for me to have EasyBCD installed. If I wish to remove Ubuntu, my Windows 7 install disk repairs the bootloader. As far as those computers w/o optical media goes, if one can install Windows 7 using a USB Flash Drive, one should be able to repair the OS also.

The way I understand it, EasyBCD is for more complicated setups, such as dual booting XP after Vista/Win 7. Please correct me if I'm wrong in my understanding of that program. For my needs, it was not needed, and resulted in more of a PITA than anything.



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I always have it installed if I have a dual boot setup but I don't have to actually use it often.

It essentially give you a graphic interface instead of using the bcdedit command at the prompt.

What is does that's helpful is to easily set what operating systems come up in the boot menu and in what order.
It's essential to remove an OS from the boot menu before uninstalling it and EasyBCD lets you do that by just clicking on remove.

In cases where there is an operating system that is on a partition but not in the boot menu it will let you add it to the menu just by selection it and clicking add.

You can set it so when left alone the computer will boot to the OS you want to be the default with out in put from the user.

I've never used it to install a second operating system, just to manage it after the fact.
And my version of EasyBCD doesn't have any options for adding a Mac OS to my computer, just other versions of Windows.

In you case I'm not sure, because there seems to be more to running Mac OS and Windows on the same computer, then two Windows versions but if it works like it does with two Windows versions, you should be able to run EasyBCD and see both Operating systems and remove the one you want to not show, so it will boot to the other.

Chain Errors can crop up when trying to run OSX and Windows on the same computer.

Here are a few links that might be of use....

Chain Error | Fix Windows

Chain booting error (dual boot vista/osx) - 247fixes PC Help Forum

Easy Installation Guide: Dual Boot Windows Vista and MAC OS X 10.5 .. Real quick and fool proof « I Am Nihilist''

Your best bet at this point may be to just do a clean reinstall of Window 7 formatting the drive.

Here's a video that shows the process.

Good Luck


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