Can't work out what is causing BSOD.

Hi all.

I can't work out what is causing the BSOD. I've overclocked most of my components and they are all appropriately cooled. Not sure if this is a software issue or not.

Can anyone analyse for me? View attachment Seven Forums.rar


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It's your overclock atleast drop down to 4ghz and see if they go away. Or even better see if it happens at stock.

Its not the CPU. I've run Prime95 with different settings for an excess of 24 hours on blend with 90% RAM and LinX for 2 hours with all available RAM.


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If you say so, but the only way to rule it out even after passing prime95 is to return to stock and see if the system stabilizes. It could be the combined load of the gpu's plus the overclock that are doing it. So my suggestion still stands.


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if the respective BSOD occurs you can take a picture with your camera while the BSOD is displayed...
you can upload it here to let us see the information it shows ...

It is very important to see this picture ... trust me!

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