Caps,Num Lock enabled/disabled not displaying

I use a Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop, 64-bit based.

Since this laptop does not have signal lights to indicate if my caps or numlock is able, I have to rely on the small transparent popup that appears on the lower right of the screen. Eventually, that stopped appearing. And with the way i type i always end up typing a whole sentence in caps when i dont need to and vice versa, and the numlock pad would register what i dont need.

what should i do?


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This may help. I have five thumbs on each hand, when I type.
Open the "Ease of Access" centre.
Click the option " Make the keyboard easier to us"
Click "Turn on toggle keys."
Click "Apply" at the bottom of the window.

This gives you a warning bleep when you accidentally press those keys. I did not find it a great help at first, but when I "Tuned in" to listening for the very distinctive beep, it was my answer.

That does help, but every once in a while i need to bring the volume down.

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