Caption photos with windows Live

I have a Toshiba Laptop L770 with 7Pro. I would like to caption my photos so the Caption appears on a Slideshow. Simple task but beyond me with windows Live. Anyone help?

Thanks Kemical, The link did'nt help much in what I want to do. I've gone back to Picassa and can easily caption the photos but when I try to burn them to a disk the captions are not there. This seems like it should be a straight forward thing to do, and I'm sure there is a very simple answer somewhere, Anyone? My aim is to have disks with captions I can give to friends who then understand exactly where the photo was taken.


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The only way i could see you doing it when burning to disk is to actually rename the individual photo or have you already tried that? (sorry for the late answer lost my internet yesterday)

What software are you using to in windows 7 to open/edit pictures?

Tried with Windows Live Photo Gallery but could'nt get the caption on the photo itself. Then tried Picassa no trouble to caption photos but could'nt burn to DVD with captions attached, also I don't think these will play on a DVD player. Is it possible to send the photos on Picassa to files and then Burn? And will the Captions still be there?

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