[CAR FISH] Artist Creates Subway Car That Looks Like a Giant Fish

After almost 6 months of renovation, Beijing heavy hitter Tang Contemporary has just opened Tracing the Milky Way a blockbuster exhibition with a star studded roster of artists: Chen Zhen, Huang Yongping, Shen Yuan, Wang Du, Yan Peiming and Yang Jiecang. The exhibition is also curated by another big name, Jérôme Sans, who is the current director for the UCCA.

The new and improved gallery might be one of the grandest exhibition spaces in Beijing’s 798 art district. The Beijing art scene should be very grateful that these large well-funded spaces exist because we are able to see some of the most massive installations by some of the world’s most famous artists. A perfect example is this installation by Huang Yong Ping.

Although born in China, Huang Yong Ping is now a French citizen. He has done countess museum exhibitions around the world. I was lucky to see his solo exhibition at Kamel Mennour Gallery in Paris in 2009. The artist’s installations are usually politically charged and speak about the human predicament.

Although there is not much written about the artwork, the name comes from Leviathan, a monstrous sea creature from ancient mythology. During the Middle Ages, Christianity used the demon Leviathan as an image of Satan.

More Artist Creates Subway Car That Looks Like a Giant Fish

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