VIDEO Cat chases bunny into pipe, bunny wins

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    A cat that chased a rabbit into a pipe found himself in a tight spot, literally, when he became lodged inside and had to be freed by firefighters and vets - who got a surprise in the middle of their efforts.


    When the black-and-white tomcat was discovered struggling with the pipe inside a shed in Boulder, Colorado, it appeared to have been there for some time, according to reports.

    Firefighters and animal control officers were called and promptly got to work freeing the feline, cutting away part of the pipe in the process, but they were foiled in their efforts.

    The intrepid rescue team then turned to those trusty pipe-yielding tools of yore, vegetable oil and soap.

    When that didn't work, the pipe-pussy combo were transported to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley to see if vets there could figure out how to free him.


    On the way, the exact reason the cat was in the pipe became clear to all as a rabbit bolted from the other end of it and made its frantic getaway from the vehicle carrying the party.


    We may never know if the bunny stayed in there because the cat had trapped it, it was stuck as well, or the pair had initiated a pipe-based love affair.

    In the end, our feline friend was freed after being anaesthetised and his head gently twisted and turned.

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